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  • homebirth


    Birthing at home means that you are the boss! You can invite who you would like to be a part of your experience, eat and drink what you like...

  • waterbirth


    Support in water is one of the most beneficial things that can be offered to a woman in labour. The water provides a calming influence

  • premiummidwife

    Midwifery Service

    Right from the day you decide to employ our services until the early postpartum period, our trained and experienced midwives provide a continuum of care.

  • doula

    Doula Service

    The word ‘doula’ is of Greek origin, and it translates simply as “a woman who helps other women”. Your doula is there to serve you..

  • Lamazeclass

    Lamaze Childbirth Classes

    Our classes cover everything you need to know about labour and birth, including sessions on: options for the relief of discomfort; epidurals...

Meet the team

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    Microbiome obsessed

    Lina Midwife

    Lina finished her midwifery training from El Paso USA and Philippines in 1999. She strives to bring dignified and respectful care to women and their families with compassion. Undisturbed birth and MotherBaby centred care are her specialities. This includes plenty of skin-to-skin care and no separation after birth alongside optimal gentle birth practises. Lina is

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    good food and enjoys photography

    Nhing Midwife

    Nhing, trained in Mindanao, Philippines and  has been a licensed midwife since 1994. She specialises in the Midwifery Model of care and has trained many local Filipino midwives and International students. She brings calm and expertise into each birth she attends. Her newest development is exploring birth photography and families have been moved and delighted with

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Birth Stories

The Birth of Lili on 4th April 2015

The Birth of Lili on 4th April 2015

My first pregnancy was uncomplicated. I practiced yoga throughout. By 32 weeks, a friend of mine introduced me to hypnobirthing. The hypnobirthing philosophy changed my whole medicalised view of birth and we finally opted for a natural delivery (with no use of drugs, IV, monitoring, etc.). My then ob-gyn kept an open mind and worked with

The birth of our son, Kian Irani on 30th Nov, 2012

The birth of our son, Kian Irani on 30th Nov, 2012

  My pregnancy was very relaxed with just a few days of being physically uncomfortable. For this I give many thanks to yoga, vippassana meditation, having lovely places to go for long walks in Dahanu and eating right. I was settling for a water birth at a small Bandra hospital as there was so much

The Birth of Henry on 19th August 2011

The Birth of Henry on 19th August 2011

In the wee hours of a hot August dawn I woke up to contractions that felt like the birthing clock was ticking. I took deep breaths, I lay on my back and told myself I was ready for this. The second time around, it helps to have an idea of what is coming. Morning came,

The Birth of Raya on 12th April 2015

The Birth of Raya on 12th April 2015

I met Lina and Nhing two years before I got pregnant at an informal water birthing discussion. It’s strange to say it now but I knew that day that I was going to make a connection with them for life. I wasn’t even planning to have children that time. Two years and a lot of

The Birth of Ira on 15th July 2014

The Birth of Ira on 15th July 2014

I’m a big believer of past lives and after life and I truly believe that the soul chooses who it has to be born to and the people in its immediate environment, along with the time they should come into this world.  Our little Ira did just that. We tried to conceive for almost 3

The Birth of Amor on 5th April 2015

The Birth of Amor on 5th April 2015

My home birth – Water birth I had a lovely home birth in water n 5th April – Easter Sunday . I was in the living room of my mother in law’s home chatting with my sister in law at 1 pm when I first felt the surges. They came and went every 2 minutes

The birth of Niya on 12th Feb 2012

The birth of Niya on 12th Feb 2012

Clients said

  • Sam finally gets to hold Grace

    17-4-2009 Baby boy “Samuel Sameer” Having Sam at home, through a natural birthing process, guided by trained midwives was an amazing life experience for me. It was deeply grounded and existential at the same time! From excellent and patient prenatal care to staying with us through a false labor, I went into Sam's birth confident of and reliant on Lina as my birthing partner and guide. She supported me, expertly directed my small birthing team of husband, MIL and helper, and enabled me to have an amazing experience. When things suddenly took a turn after Sam was born, she was calm, efficient, and methodical in handling the situation and gauging what, if any, medical emergency we might be facing. She was amply prepared to handle the situation, both in her knowledge and her pre-planning / supplies with her.  I cannot recommend Lina and JustLink highly enough. My family has since moved to the other side of the globe. It's been 5 years. And yet Lina still gets spoken of and we continue to be in touch. In helping us as we grew our family, she became a part of it. Attaching a pic of Sam, 3.5 yrs old in this photo, meeting his 90 minutes old sister who was also birthed at home. I had the confidence and enthusiasm to birth her at home, a solid 45 minutes away from the nearest hospitals, because of my experience with Lina as my midwife.

    Valerie and Amol
  • 10-5-2013 _Ria_ Anita Shah

    10 -5 -2013 Baby girl “Ria” Nhing & Lina were amazing through our lamaze classes, answered all our questions and advised where need. Even more so during my labour, 22+ hours and Nhing stayed by my side and helped me so much, could not of done it without Dr Anita Soni (Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital) & Nhing, bringing my little bundle of joy into this world.

    Anita and Kirti
  • gauri n chris

    12-5-2013 Rekha was an invaluable asset during my birth. She was very calm, and it was like having an old friend in the room. She was pleasant and light-hearted which was essential, especially during the tough part of my labor. In spite of being induced, I went on to have a natural birth without an epidural and I give all the credit to her. She is so strong and her massage really helped me get through it. My husband said that he wouldn't have been able to it without Rekha! She showed him how to support me both through massage and by talking me through it. I wouldn't hesitate to use her for my next birth experience - and hopefully completely avoid the hospital :). Thanks  

    Gauri and Chris
  • 4-1-14 Sahib- Mansi Ashta

    4-1-2014 Baby boy “Sahib” Lina thank you so very much for assisting me in the birth i wanted. On 4th Jan, Saturday morning, I reached the hospital almost fully dilated, ready to push & you were waiting at the entrance looking so calm & relaxed. None of us knew that my labour would progress so fast, the way you kept your cool was incredible. You stood by me absolutely fearless, strong & positive. I indeed had a happy birthing experience. Sahib is a happy, calm & a playful child, one reason for it is definitely the birth we had. A big Thank You to you from Sahib & me, you assisted us in getting what we wanted. Love you

    Mansi and Rahul
  • 26-6-2014 Alexander - Mary

    26-6-2014 Boy - Alexander Francis Crabtree "We are so pleased to have found Justlink. The team's support before, during, and after the birth were so valuable in helping us get off on the right foot. In particular, our midwife’s calm presence and support during the birth helped reassure us that all was well in what was a new and challenging circumstance, and we felt she was on our side as an advocate throughout the process. Her support in establishing breastfeeding was also so important to us. We are very grateful for all the help they provided in bringing our beautiful baby Alexander into the world.

    Mary and James
  • 20-12-2012 Mia bath

    "Lina & Nhing were incredible companions through the exciting yet overwhelming journey of a first-time pregnancy, birth and post-partum recovery. We were far from home and family in Mumbai, but having them there dispelled any sense of being isolated. In fact, I felt like I was in better hands with them than I would've been anywhere else. We signed up with Justlink mostly for prenatal classes and to guide us through a natural birth. Yet their post-partum guidance turned out to be the most crucial as they helped us through some very challenging issues related to breastfeeding and post-partum depression - something we never would've anticipated. To give one example, after my elective C-section, Nhing helped get breastfeeding started immediately, roping in dad's help since I was immobile. In contrast, in the same recovery room, a poor newborn baby was left to cry for 30 mins while his helpless father stood by not knowing what to do because nobody was there to guide the family. Lina & Nhing are amazing. I wish I could bring them to Delhi where we now live and I wish every pregnant woman in the world had a team like them for support."

    Natalie and Kuni
  • 8-11-2013 maxi 3

    8-11-2013 Boy “Maximilin” (Maxi) “Even though our doctor in India was amazing, I know I would not have coped anywhere near as well had Lina not been with me. It was just her, my husband and I in this little zone! She was utterly fantastic, calm, supportive and nothing was ever too much to ask. I know for a fact I wouldn't have been as calm and happy had she not been there. I will always cherish the memory of Lina being present at the birth of our first baby boy. We love you Lina!"

    Samantha and Alf
  • 11-11-2010 Falisha -Anji

    11-11-2010 Baby girl “Falisha” After 11 years we were in the hospital again delivering our third!  Would it be the same as the first two who were "normal" deliveries?  Well, Lina was with us all night! helping, teaching, comforting and making sure we were going make this happen.  She comes in with her "gear" ready to go not realizing it's going to be a long night. I was already past the due date.  So hey this should be easy right?  Oh body wasn't the same as it was when I delivered my first in 1996, or even my second in 1999.  This is 2010 and things have changed considerably, it's just not like the good ole days.  Finally,  Falisha thought it was time as I was physically exhausted from staying up all night anticipating her arrival.  Lina encouraged and helped me through out the night and into the early morning for a safe and sound delivery.  Thank you Lina for the sleepless nights, encouraging words and support!

    Anji and Milan
  • annabelle Agnes 20-4-2013

    20-4-2013 Girl “Annabelle” After sitting upright in the breech position for the entirety of her time in the womb, Annabelle was born by elective caesarean at Ambani Hospital, Mumbai. Having Lina by my side as soon as I came out of theatre was amazing, she helped with breastfeeding, skin on skin and bonding by encouraging me to cuddle Annabelle and keep her in bed with me. I still have a very vivid memory of waking from a hazy, adrenalin induced sleep about 6hrs after Annabelle was born to find my room devoid of husband and parents and Lina quietly sitting in the corner watching Annabelle for me. I felt safe having her by my side.

    Amy and Matt
  • 4-4-2008 Sohm - Vinita

    4- 4-2008 Baby boy “Sohm” Lina was a great support for my husband and me. She was with me while I laboured at home and at the crucial time close to the actual birth when the experience gets overwhelming physically and emotionally. She helped me fulfil my dream of a natural birth for my baby.

    Vinita and Fayyaz